Full Porcelain dental crown

The most beautiful dental crown is undoubtedly the porcelain or ceramic crown. Porcelain is one of the forms of ceramics.
There are a few different types of ceramic crowns: The feldspar crown modelled in layers that some dentists consider to be the most aesthetic. The Empress crown which is not actually ceramics and is closer to glass. It is obtained by casting and only the colour is cooked from the outside. It has the best fit and is very beautiful, also being preferred by many dentists.

Picture of all ceramic crowns

Porcelain dental crowns
Alumina Procera™ Dental Crowns

The Procera crown is carved from inside, and its outside cooked in layers like the feldspar crown. The advantage is due to the robustness of the internal structure which is more opaque however, becoming less translucent than other crowns.
The interior of the Procera crown can be in 3 different materials with different characteristics that we will not discuss because it is a more technical matter.
The choice of a type of ceramic dental crown should be made at the initiative of the dentist, without interference from the patient because there are other important factors to consider such as the specialisation of the dentist in a particular type of crown, among others.