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How to fix a broken denture

Any type of dental prosthesis is subject to breaking, especially acrylic dentures. When this happens, join the various pieces and bring them to a dentist, denturologist or a dental laboratory. Above all, do not use glue in an attempt to repair a denture by yourself.

Some types of glue react with the materials that dental prostheses are made from and make it difficult or impossible to repair, forcing to a greater burden to solve the issue.

[how dentures are made]

Reinforcing a acrylic resin denture

Thin dentures are very fragile. The advantage of comfort does not offset the disadvantage of having a denture that breaks constantly.

At the time of testing, if not at the first appointment, tell the dentist that you want a dental prosthesis that is a little thicker. It will be stronger and in case you have to make it thinner, it is easier to make it a little thinner than the opposite situation. Your wallet will thank you and you will not be deprived of the prosthesis during the time it takes each repair it.



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