Inmediate denture

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Immediate denture

Patients who cannot be without dentures, when their teeth are removed, may request an immediate denture.

This type of denture is constructed for insertion immediately after the removal of natural teeth.

To accomplish this objective, a preliminary dentist appointment is needed. A mould or impression and a cast model must be prepared to build up and conclude a denture, to be fitted on the day when teeth will be extracted.

An immediate denture is not made to last long. After some time will lose adaptation. When, and not if, this happens a base readjustment can be made. It is called 'a relining', which has medium cost of $250.00


The residual ridge tissue that supports dentures are always changing. Major changes occur during the first month, after teeth have been pulled out. Relining a denture is the process of resurfacing the tissue side of a denture.



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