Porcelain fused to metal dental bridge

PFM dental bridges (porcelain fused to metal) must always use two pillars on natural teeth (abutment teeth) and can have multiple suspended elements between each pillar. These suspended teeth have the name of Pontic and are so snug against the gum that they look very much like natural teeth, emerging from the bone of the dental arch.

They entail the work of thinning-out and preparing at least two of the person's teeth. This may not be the best solution when such teeth are healthy and in perfect condition. In such case, the alternative involves the placement of dental implants into the toothless area and subsequent cementation, or screw-fixing the respective dental crowns.
Exceptionally, in the case of incisors, one can consider the possibility of a type known as Maryland Bridge (adhesive denture).

Dental bridge image with one suspended tooth and two pillars.

Porcelain fused to metal teeth
Fixed Partial Denture picture

Regardless of these considerations and in the event of you having opted for a dental bridge, you should remember that in short bridges, there is the possibility of opting for a bridge sctructure in zirconia ceramic instead of metal. You will obtain a better aesthetic results with this material (zirconia stabilized yttrium) due to its white colour, which eliminates the possibility of contamination by dark metal of the internal structure of the metal-ceramic bridges.