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Dental Implants Costs

This is a very common question; how much do dental implants cost? Or what are dental implant prices? In fact this figure has many variables and dentists do not consider it ethical to disclose the price, without the patient being present.

It is best to find out from someone who has already placed them, how much they paid and where they went. We found an average of US$1,600.00 for each implant placement, but this is only a part of the total cost, which includes the denture among other dental fees.

Regardless of the cost of the dental implant, in addition to the crown or bridge, there is always the possibility of paying by instalments and one may also choose to have the entire procedure done at a university (dental school), where the cost will be considerably less, without jeopardizing the quality of the service.

It is important to know that dental implants are the components of a whole prosthodontic treatment, which is summarized as implant plus artificial tooth. The implant is a part that enters the alveolar bone, equivalent to a root. Then comes the prosthetic element, the crown, the bridge or fixed denture, which is attached to the dental implant. When someone wants to know "how much the dental implant costs" should be aware of this and get a complete and descriptive budget.

All on 4 dental implants cost

Although in the image above there are seven implants and two posts, it is possible to restore the teeth in each arch with the All on 4 implants denture (Malo Clinic Protocol).

It's over the implants that are screwed the porcelain dental bridges or crowns. The fixing screws are not visible because they are perfectly camouflaged with composite materials in the same shade as the porcelain teeth.

All on 4 dentures need just four implants. The average cost is US$12,100.00 per dental arch and for an Hybrid Implant Denture (a denture with a titanium framework and acrylic teeth). A Fixed Full Porcelain Bridge costs more, with an average price of US$15,500.00 per arch.

All on 4 dental implants cost in México

Many people seek dental treatment in Mexico. The price justifies the trip. In cities far from the border, a dental implant costs approximately US$370. The total cost for an All on 4 denture is on average US$3,213.00

How many implants are needed?

Depends on the type of the implant-supported denture. The placement of one single tooth (crown) requires for the placement of one dental implant. The placement of several teeth in a row requires at least two implants, depending on the extent of the dental bridge (fixed partial denture).

If all teeth are missing, two to four implants can help with securing an attachment-retained denture. This type of denture is not recommended and may even be rejected by some dentists, due to it not being totally satisfactory and lasting. The prosthesis will remain a removable dental prosthesis.

Instead, with 4 dental implants (MALO CLINIC "All-on-4" Protocol) one can say goodbye to its old removable resin denture and have fixed teeth again (implante retained denture).

If you are intending to investing in dental implants you can consider this option although there are some dental implant clinics that prefer placing 6 dental implants. The "All-on-4" protocol has a success rate of 98%, so it is very unlikely that there should be a problem with this technique.

Dental implant, what is it?

Dental implants are parts in titanium or the new ceramic zirconium implant, which artificially reproduce the roots of the teeth when integrated into the bone of the upper jaw and/or mandible. They are intended to support one or more missing teeth, even all of the teeth, making a full fixed denture.

They eliminate the need for teeth adjacent to the space to be restored (abutment teeth) and in the case of a completely edentulous person, they allow the retention and fixation of the prostheses being insurmountable at this point.

Fixed complete dentures

Fixed dentures can be partial or complete. Fixed complete dental prostheses have three types: hybrid denture, full porcelain bridge and overdenture. The most common is the hybrid denture with an acrylic resin base and teeth, fixed to six or four dental implants. The average cost of a prosthesis like this is US$2,400.00 without the cost of dental implants.



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