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DENTURE step by step

What are the steps to make normal dentures or fit them into implants?
To begin with, a mould or impression has to be made using a viscous paste (alginate) in a custom tray with the form of the dental arch.

Complete upper acrylic resin denture

upper complete acrylic resin denture

The mould thus obtained is like the "negative" of a photo. To obtain the positive, it is filled with plaster and allowed to harden.
From that moment we now have a model just like the mouth. On the model, a base is made with wax (stabilized with acrylic) to establish some important anatomical records through a test. In the following step, the teeth are mounted in wax and a new test is conducted.

During the try-in, the patient can see if he or she likes or desires any changes in color, shape and position of the teeth. The dentist assesses good adaptation and technical details. After this last test, the work goes through a process where the wax is removed and replaced by the definitive material, usually acrylic polymer. It may equally be made of nylon or silicone, making it more expensive in such cases.

After that the acrylic is polymerized at heat and it stiffens. The prosthesis is then polished and finally placed in the mouth and the patient pays for the value of it only at that time. It is habitual to have to return to the clinic to fine tune some detail.

Off and on people ask if there is clear acrylic. Indeed, there is! The base of the dentures can allow this type of resin, but it actually looks better in the natural tone of the gums. Various shades are available in the market for people of all ethnicities.

Making dentures at home?

Sorry, but it's not possible, no matter what anyone might say. Just do not waste time expecting it and if you find some website teaching how to do it, do not take it seriously.


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