Japan Dental Prices - Denture Costs 2018

How much does it cost a dental appliance (denture, crown, bridge...)?

Average prices for dental implants, complete dentures, crowns, bridges, partial dentures, flexible dentures and dentures over implants - Japan

Description Price JPY Japan
Dental implant (placement) 190,000
Porcelain crown for implant 160,000
Bone graft 150,000
Sinus lift 150,000
Dental porcelain veneer (0.5mm) 80,000
Ceramic crown 150,000
Zyrconia crown 145,000
Porcelain fused to metal crown 130,000
Inlay / Onlay / Post 35,000
Dental bridge - porcelain fused to metal (each tooth) 130,000
RPD denture (chrome cobalt with clasps) 249,000
Flexible denture (silicone) 190,000
Acrylic removable partial denture 140,000
Acrylic immediate complete denture 200,000
Complete denture (resin) 200,000
Overdenture 400,000
Hybrid denture 2,300,000
Full porcelain bridge implant supported 2,500,000
Denture repair 30,000
Denture relining 30,000
Teeth whitening (home) 30,000
Orthodontics 520,000
Composite restoration (fillings - 1 surface) 10,000
Root canal (anterior tooth) 20,000
Root canal (bicuspid tooth) 30,000
Root canal (molar tooth) 40,000
Gingivectomy (quad) 50,000
Tissue graft 100,000

A denture is a prosthesis that serves as a substitute for the lost natural dentition. Each tooth in its proper position helps to maintain the functional integrity of both dental arches. That's why is so important to replace missing teeth with the appropriate dental prosthesis.
Remember that removable dentures must be replaced every 5 years, if not before, to retain fit and preserve function.