United Kingdom Dental Prosthesis Price Guide 2019

How much does it cost a dental appliance (denture, crown, bridge)?

Average prices for dental implants, complete dentures, crowns, bridges, partial dentures, flexible dentures and dentures over implants - UK

Description Price UK UK
X-Ray Panoramic 63
Dental implant cost 1840
Mini dental implant 870
Abutment for implant 327
Bone graft (bone augmentation) 410
Sinus lift 665
All-on-4 fixed bridge with 12 teeth and 4 implants 9114
Hybrid implant denture with implants 6133
Implant metal bar supported prostheses - 2jaws 2455
Veneer 507
All porcelain crown 615
Porcelain fused to metal crown 460
Inlay, onlay, post or pin 97
Provisional crown 297
Dental bridge - porcelain fused to metal (each tooth) 410
Maryland bridge 511
Acrylic removable partial denture (2-4 teeth) 405
Acrylic removable partial denture (5 or more teeth) 563
Complete denture (upper or lower) 597
Cast Chrome Cobalt removable partial denture (1-2 teeth) 915
Cast Chrome Cobalt removable partial denture (3 or more teeth) 1229
Flexible denture - Valplast (1 tooth) 410
Denture reline 195
Denture repair 86
Teeth whitening - home 260
Invisalign - jaw 2044
Ceramic braces - jaw 2046
Lingual brace 2149
Metalic braces - jaw 1532
Removable braces 615
Single tooth extraction 88
Root canal 363
Mouth guard (night bite gard - soft) 100
Botox 205

A denture is a prosthesis that serves as a substitute for the lost natural dentition. Each tooth in its proper position helps to maintain the functional integrity of both dental arches. That's why is so important to replace missing teeth with the appropriate dental prosthesis.
Remember that removable dentures must be replaced every 5 years, if not before, to retain fit and preserve function.