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Immediate and Temporary denture

Immediate denture

Patients who cannot be without dentures, when their teeth are pulled out, may request an immediate denture.

This type of denture is constructed for insertion immediately after the removal of natural teeth.

To accomplish this objective, a preliminary dentist appointment is needed. A mould or impression and a cast model must be prepared to build up and conclude a denture, to be fitted on the day when teeth will be extracted.

An immediate denture is not made to last long. After some time will lose adaptation. When, and not if, this happens, a base readjustment can be made. It is called 'a relining', which has medium cost of US$250.00

Temporary denture or provisional prosthesis

There are somewhat frequent situations that require the use of a provisional or temporary dental prosthesis.

For instance, during the process of osseointegration of dental implants, the definitive prosthesis still can not be done. But the patient needs teeth. Then use a removable prosthesis (total or partial) of acrylic resin that will be discarded within some time. After the complete bone integration of the implants, the temporary denture is replaced by the fixed denture.

Another occasion is after the extraction of some teeth. Also in this situation any definitive denture would be contraindicated, because the mouth is swollen, needs to heal and the alveolar bone is going to be reduced a little. The person can leave the clinic with false teeth, even provisional, while his mouth recovers and the final denture awaits confection.

In this case, the dental prosthesis is not only temporary, but also an immediate prosthesis.

How long does it take to make a temporary removable dental prosthesis?

In fact, it can already be done at the time of implant placement, or dental extraction. The dentist can plan the appropriate treatment to make this happen.

How long should a temporary denture be used?

Two months is already more than reasonable, nothing more is expected. It is true that this type of prosthesis loses adaptation too quickly. Unfortunately, over time, maladaptation increases. It can be very difficult to keep the denture in place, the discomfort increases and the dissatisfaction as well.

What can be done when the prosthesis becomes loose?

The residual ridge of tissue and bone that supports dentures is always changing. Major changes occur during the first month, after teeth have been pulled out. Relining a denture is the process of resurfacing the tissue side of a denture. A new base may be needed, it's called a rebase.

Temporary crown or bridge

A tooth prepared to receive a ceramic dental crown must be protected while the permanent crown is manufactured. For this, an acrylic resin crown is made for temporary use. Obviously, it should not be used for a long time due to its poor quality. The same applies to small bridges.

A provisional tooth is almost always made of resin, that's why it does not last long. Also the material for cementing provisional dental crowns is not permanent.

How much does a provisional tooth cost?

The average price for a provisional crown is 146 dollars in the United States.



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