Fixed Denture - cost

What are fixed dentures and how much do they cost?

Implant supported dentures can be made with ceramic and metal, all-porcelain, acrylic and metal or acrylic alone, with a metal snap mechanism.

These variants have distinct characteristics and costs (). They may also require different amounts of dental implants (see below).

3 types of complete fixed dentures on implants

Prosthesis type material Description
complete dental bridge
(fixed 12 teeth) *
metal + ceramic Fixed bridge with porcelain teeth and inner structure in titanium or zirconia. Upper dentures usually need six implants. Are palate free. The lower denture requires four implants.
hybrid prosthesis (fixed) * metal + acrylic Internal metallic structure fully covered by artificial acrylic teeth and resin base. The upper dentures also maintain the palate free. Same amount of implants, as above.
attached overdenture (semi-fixed, ball retained or bar retained) acrylic Almost like a conventional acrylic resin denture. Since it can be removed for cleaning, has a more extensive base. It has lower durability due to wear and tear of the retention mechanism. Needs two to four implants, depending on the retaining system (bar or balls).

* each one of these types can be made following the protocol All-on-4 (only 4 implants)

() USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Singapore, Australia