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How to fix a broken denture - First days with new denture

Any type of dental prosthesis is subject to breaking, especially acrylic dentures. When this happens, join the various pieces and bring them to a dentist, denturologist or a dental laboratory. Above all, do not use glue in an attempt to repair a denture by yourself.

Some types of glue react with the materials that dental prostheses are made of. If that occurs it will be difficult or impossible to repair, forcing to a greater burden to get it fixed. The estimated cost of a denture repair is $165.

Do not use any denture repair kit, or you'll end up ruining your denture. It's not as easy as it looks.

[How dentures are made]

Reinforcing an acrylic resin denture

Thin dentures are fragile. The advantage of comfort does not offset the disadvantage of having a denture that breaks constantly.

At the time of the try in, if not at the first appointment, inform the dentist that you want a dental prosthesis that is a little thicker. It will be stronger and in case you which to have it thinner, it is more effortless to make it by grinding than the opposite situation. Your wallet will thank you, and you will not be deprived of the prosthesis during the time it takes each repair.

Adaptation to new dentures

The first days with the new denture

Any type of dental prosthesis needs some time for good adaptation. At first, that new element in your mouth is a stranger thing. The tongue does not stop inspecting, and diction seems somewhat affected. After a week, these symptoms are disappearing, until they are no longer felt.

Removable prostheses are susceptible to greater more considerable difficulties. As they are movable, their friction sometimes causes small sores in the mucosa, with some adjustments in the dental prosthesis being convenient. You should not sleep with your denture.

Over time, there is a growing mismatch in the dentures, due to natural changes in the mouth. This factor can produce pain, increase the discomfort of their use and is a sign that something should be done. A new dental prosthesis or a rebasing of the current denture will be considered.

If you develop sores on the mucosa, it is recommended to remove the dentures for one or more days to rest and heal the injured tissue. You can apply a mouthwash at the site. If symptoms persist, you have to go to a dentist and a retouch of the dental prosthesis might be necessary.

Denture - quick tips

When you go to a clinic to make a dental prosthesis, you should ask for a written budget. The budget should mention the type of work involved, the number of teeth involved and their designation, the total cost and the payment plan. This will help to resolve any misunderstandings.

If you have any questions regarding the decision to make, seek to better inform yourself; it is your responsibility.


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