Removable partial denture with metal clasps

RPD is a type of dental prosthesis with a metal framework part to which artificial teeth are attached and the acrylic reproducing the gums. The metal part is built using the natural support of existing teeth, attached by clasps that serve to hold the denture into place, and a more or less wide bar connecting the two lateral sides of the prosthesis. Replaces one or more (but less than all) of the natural teeth.

It is a solution that has been around for many years and that does not always appeal due to aesthetic problems led on by the retaining clasps, when these are visible. The last thing a person wants is for others to realise that he or she is using a denture. However, in mechanical terms, and when the cosmetic issue is not a problem, it is more advisable that the conventional partial acrylic denture.
All removable partial dentures are inferior solutions when compared to fixed prosthesis. RPD is the least worse.

Removable partial denture picture

Removable partial denture

Contributes less to bone resorption in the edentulous regions than the acrylic denture . It also has an advantage, due to the metallic connector, it does not cover such a large area of the mouth, such as the palate or the inner face (tongue part) of the teeth.

Cost of the removable partial denture

The average price for an RPD in America is $ 1,725.00
Depending on the number of teeth present in the denture.