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Silicone Dentures

How much does it cost a Silicone Dental Prosthesis?

Silicone dentures are flexible, removable partial dentures. There is none fixed denture made in silicone.

Be aware that it is the most expensive among the removable partial dentures. It has the average price of $1,250.00 for one to three teeth.

Silicone denture picture

The silicone dental prosthesis is not used as a full or complete denture. It is intended to replace a varied number of teeth but never all missing teeth. In cases of absolute loss of natural teeth, it is not worth considering this type of dental prosthesis.

Silicone dentures - Advantages

The Silicone Flexible denture also has clasps, although they are in the same material as the denture base. They are in the shade of the teeth or gingiva, depending on where they are located. Hence the saying that the clasps are invisible, which is unaccurate. Their purpose is to keep the denture in place.

Do not have the same effectiveness of the metallic clasps of the RPD (removable partial denture), towards retention and fixation of the dental prosthesis. However, they have the advantage of being more or less unnoticeable, a manifest aesthetic advantage. But it is the only one.

Because silicone is a flexible material, insertion and removal of the denture may be easier in the initial phase of adaptation.

Disadvantages of silicone dentures

The flexibility of the silicone denture is interesting in theory and very appealing. However, it is contrary to what are the first requirements for a denture, rigidity and immobility.

The silicone flexibility impairs the alveolar bone, causing it to shrink and reabsorb. This irreversible consequence makes the adaptation and fixation of future removable dentures of any type much worse. -> This is extremely important!

Silicone Denture value

The flexible silicone denture is a removable dental prosthesis. Therefore, it will under no circumstances offer a lasting or ultimate solution like a fixed dental bridge, which is the appropriate option in most cases.

Like any other removable partial denture, with exception of the RPD (metal + acrylic), it should be considered provisional. From this point of view, it should be rejected in favor of a more reliable solution. Specially if taking into account the significant price of $1,250.00. It is not excessive to mention this point. Consult other values ​​in the price list.

Comparison with fixed partial dentures in price and lasting time

In an optimistic estimation, a removable silicone or acrylic resin denture lasts no longer than three years. While a partial fixed porcelain dental bridge lasts for more than fifteen years.

Let us compare the price of the silicone denture with one to three teeth (previous paragraph), with the value of $2,800.00 for a partial fixed bridge of one tooth. If we consider the duration of each prosthesis, we instantly realize that after ten years we would have spent $5,000.00 on silicone dentures. With all the discomfort inherent to a removable dental prosthesis and the damage done to the alveolar bone with its subsequent loss.


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